Contract Renewal Date Capture

Right Time Right Place!

There is more than one advantage of knowing a customers contract end date; not only will it radically improve conversion by calling customers when they are in the renewal window, but also deliver increased sales agent productivity by only dialing pre-called prospects. So you are not wasting valuable and expensive sales resource calling dead/vacant permanent answerphone numbers.

Renewal date lead generation

Camber’s contract end date capture programmes are designed to fit your business objectives and managed by a dedicated campaign manager so you are always in control of activity:

  • Customer contract end dates to a volume that fits your sales capacity.
  • Production is flexible and grows with your demand.
  • 100% quality verified and fully Ofcom compliant, following an ISO9001 accredited process
  • You can see data and capture rates through a dedicated online portal the CRD TRACKER ™
  • Renewal dates captured are provided with a supporting sound recording of the call, so you have complete confidence in the accuracy of the data captured.
  • Leads provide your sales team an opportunity to engage and convert a real prospect, uplifting agent productivity by up to 55%
  • Leads are provided as a fully validated and updated record, including decision makers name and incumbent energy suppler.
  • Campaigns are designed around your requirements either using Camber supplied data or your own prospect database.
  • All your data is validated, cleaned and returned with up to 30 captured call outcomes.
  • Prospects that are in the market now are telephone transferred to your agents live.
  • Telemarketing can be made in your name or in the name of one of Camber’s own trading names, allowing you to get the benefit of multiple channel marketing using the same core data resource.