Telemarketing Data for Utility Companies

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves
Tim Berners-Lee

We Supply

Data is the lifeblood of every successful telemarketing campaign. Its profile, propensity, volume and, of course, the way in which the results of the calling activity are captured truly impacts the results.

At Camber we have been supplying and managing data for sales campaigns of just a few telemarketers to teams of hundreds. Having our own call centre operations means we really do “walk the talk” and have both a technical and practical insight to what works in driving cost effective customer acquisition.

Working with the UK’s leading data providers we can supply calling data which is not only compliant but has been through Camber’s utility sector modeling tool; giving your telemarking activity a real conversion advantage.

We Clean & Verify

If you have already invested in a database then our comprehensive data cleaning service  is an efficient way of realising the value of the asset you already have and includes:

  • Updating records
  • Removing TPS and cTPS listed numbers
  • De-duping against new available data
  • Verifying existing records.

Leaving you with an updated, legally compliant prospecting database to recharge your telemarketing conversion.