Welcome to Camber Associates

Being in the right place at the right time

For the past 10 years Camber has been providing the B2B utility suppliers/brokers Contract End Dates and Profiled Data. With over 700,000 businesses changing their supplier because of our data.

Unsolicited telephone calls have a tendency to alienate the market place and are very time and cost consuming. Only a fraction of potential customers called are able to convert due to being in contact with their incumbent supplier.

Simple But Effective Targeting

Camber has addressed this issue by contacting the potential customer directly for you, gaining verbal permission for you to contact them when they are due to change their utility contract.

This simply means that your sales operation will be focusing on potential new customers that are in the window to change their current utility supplier so therefore increasing your conversion rates, simply put “you will calling at the right place at the right time”

Quality is at the heart of us

All of our data comes with:

  • A 60 point stringent quality procedure
  • A lead score depending on the lead type
  • A call recording to verify data supplied is correct
  • A customer portal to track lead window and prospect pipeline
  • Live hot transfers to your internal sales team
  • Dedicated client secure FTP for all data movements

This is a testament of the conversion and efficiency uplift Camber’s clients have by the fact they only telemarket prospects when they are in the contract renewal window. Why use expensive resources and burn valuable data on prospects whose phone numbers are not answered, not the decision maker or simply just hang up? Over 700,000 business customers have changed their current supplier due to the data we supply.

The Camber Advantage

  • Supplies contract end dates for business gas, electric and insurance
  • Enables you to get your offer to decision makers who are in the market now
  • Builds a scalable prospect pipeline
  • Cleans, verifies and returns contactable customer telemarketing data
  • Improves sales agent efficiency & customer acquisition cost
  • Real time understanding of the market